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At all well known poker games

When you go deeper to poker life you understand more about the variety of poker games. There are many of them and most popular ones are Texas Holdem, Omaha, 7 Card Stud, 5 Card Stud and Caribbean Stud poker. Despite logical brain and fortune’s smile you need at all well known poker games, let’s see more of their differences.

Caribbean Stud poker is the one where everybody plays against the casino or the one who plays the role of the dealer (bank).

Omaha poker is rather popular as well. Up to ten players can play Omaha poker same time. Here everyone gets four blind cards. Usually those four cards can be named pocket or starting or blind cards. For a combination players should use two blind cards and three opened cards. By the way there are two most popular versions of Omaha poker – Omaha High and Omana High Low. First variant says that the winner should have the best cards combination. Omaha High Low variant shares the bank between two players – the one that has the strongest cards combination and the one who has the weakest one.

7 Cards Stud is the one with seven active cards as it goes from its name. So three of the cards are blind and four of them are shown. Players do their initial stakes – ante, followed by 5 turns of trading. After all, the best one should show the strongest combination of five cards of seven in his game. There is a variant like Omaha High Low here, it is called Stud 8 or 7 Cards Stud High Low. The idea is the same – bank is shared between the strongest and the weakest combinations shown.

5 Cards Stud is the most famous at all well known poker games actually. The thing is that all 5 cards are blind and all of them can be changed once. There are two rounds of trade and the winner is the strongest combination.

The last one to talk about is Texas Holdem poker. What a strange word holdem, eh? This is a slang of “hold them”, because first two cards can only be used by player himself. Texas Holdem is very popular because of its simple rules. Every player gets two blind cards that only he can use. There are also five common cards that can be used by anybody. The one who will demonstrate the better 5 cards combination wins the game.