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Playing Against a Loose Passive Opponent

Introduction–The calling the station or the loose passive player plays for the sake of fun. His main intention is to enjoy spare time activities rather than focusing on winning. In this type of games, marginal hands can win more pots and more Showdowns.

Identifying the calling station – Generally, such player intends more on checking and calling and not raising and betting. His attitude in the game is relaxed and gels well with the fellow players. He doesn’t mind losing again and again.

A loose passive player as an opponent– If you have such a player as your opponent, it is quite a tough task to anticipate his hand. This is because he nearly plays all the hands. Contrary to that, guessing his bet is simple as when he chooses to raise, he has got weak or very weak hands; while he bets only when he gets strong hand.


It is vital to make proper adjustments to your game while playing against a loose passive opponent
1. Have good hands? Increase the frequency of betting and raising.
2. He is betting? Make sure you have strong hand before calling. He is raising? Go for it.
3. Don’t expect him to bluff prior to Flop or after it.  He will call with more or less zilch.
4. Try bluffing after the River only if you he did not hit his draw.
5. Do not make your game slow. There are chances that he will check you.

Sitting adjustments – Deciding on where to sit while playing against a loose passive player, is very important. Sitting to his right or left has different benefits. Sitting on left of a loose passive player, you can raise to get rid of the opposition and after that start a one-on game against the player or you can take the button. Sitting on the right side of the player, there is no need to worry about any raises where you need to make more payment for a hand that you would not have paid for two bets. Moreover, it is not easy to filch his blind.