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Fact or Myth: Sexism Rules The Poker World

In the past decades pokers as a whole has been played by pushy males that think that they are dominate to females.  Men in the poker world believe that they are better players, and that they can bet women at every stage of the game.  They think that their skills are more effective and they like to taunt the female players at the poker tournaments.  They are so caught up in their prejudicial views that they are now starting to be their own worst enemies.  Many men have fell in the ranking to women, because there are spending all of their time at the table displaying a multitude of bad habits, rather than focusing on the game that is staring themselves in the faces.  This is causing them to lose ground in the poker series. 


Say no to alcohol

There are several important factors that are making the poker playing men fall for the poker playing women.  The biggest contributing factor seems to be that the men of the poker world like to get sloshed at the table.  By nature men are heavier drinkers than women.  When they get a few drinks of alcohol under their belts they get lose with their plays, and get really mouthy.  If you have ever watched a game of poker on television then you are aware of the end result of this taboo.  Though it is common in the poker tournaments to have nicknames, you do not want to be the one that the announcers are calling drunk and mouthy.  Watching these men get wasted and try to play effective poker might be funny but it is also a big fat disgrace to the game of strategy.


No flirt

Another form of sexism that is likely to be seen is the outrageous attempt by the men to flirt with the women to through then off of their trail.  These weak minded and handed men will flirt insensibly with the female poker players at their table.  They will stroke their large egos, and make themselves look ridiculous to the others.  The funniest thing about it is as they are engaging themselves in this rude and obnoxious behavior, the women steal their chips and win the pots that they could have won a lot of the time.  They should stroke their egos on that for a while. 


It's better to overestimate than underestimate

Another way that the women tend to benefit from playing these over compensating males is simply mind over matter.  Men think that if they want to appear as better players in the game of poker, that they should concede their hands periodically to the female players at the poker table.  Why any man would think that that could possibly work in their favor, is totally beyond me.  Really, it is a proven fact that women can play their hands just as strategically as men.  If you are setting at a poker table and the male player to your right or left is playing very aggressively, and suddenly they decide to lay their hand down to women, it tends to make them look dumb, not smart or grateful.  Any good poker player knows that you can not win hands by folding them.

Because men relate to the female players at the poker table with gender, they are strictly demeaning the whole concept of the poker game as a whole.  Women are climbing the latter of success and the men of the game can not stand it.   Women everywhere tend to start playing poker at a younger age than men, and they are proving that they are better minded competitors, than the men that have previously ruled the roast.  Women can be better readers of tells, because they tend to be more focused and driven. 

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