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Luck vs. Skills in Poker

Most of the poker players think that they can beat everybody, get vip rewards and become a profitable player. But you cannot really predict poker. People say poker is different from gambling and encourages the new player to play poker often. They say that if one has better skill he can surely become a great player soon. But whenever one loses in poker he forgets about skills and blames it on luck. 

So what determines the outcome?

The truth is, when you are wining you take credit and say that you have greater skills. But when you lose the game you blame on your luck. We boost up our ego when we win and blame on the luck if we fail. We feel better to shift the blame on the cards and luck. So that no one can question about our skills. This is psychological and it protects our ego and emotions. Not only poker, but in similar situations our minds always shift the blame to luck. When you can master the art of balancing then you can become a great poker player. Your defense mechanism needs to be the best so that you can avoid blaming your poor luck for losing the poker.

Professionals recommend

The pro players are pretty good at self evaluations. They never blame their lucks or takes full credit of their skills. They try to understand the game and check out whatever mistakes they have made. They try to recognize their mistakes in the game so that they won’t repeat that again. Even if they win they still look for places where they need to improve. They always and reevaluate their moves and strategies so that next time they can come up with something unpredictable and surprising. They do not get overjoyed or shattered at any situation.

Never blame your luck

Sometimes you can see people who simple feel better when they blame it on their luck by saying that the game was bad. They think that the game was not in their hand and that is why they could have done nothing but losing it. Yes, when someone gets a bad hand no one can really help it but one must try sometimes. But if you think about the whole scenario you can realize that he got bad hand only once but he failed to apply the strategies and his opponents played better than him. Sometimes, one tried to play too defensive because of their hands and end up losing a lot. You need to understand when you can make profit from pre flop, fold or call. Do not fear when you are playing poker. Play online poker at 888poker and enjoy your time.

If you want to become a good poker player then you need to be serious. Blaming on your luck and the cards will not help you to reach anywhere. Before you play poker again you must understand the defense mechanism so that you need not build up stories on poor luck. Identify the causes and moves you think were responsible for your losing. Accept your faults and then correct them. Once you learn to understand and accept your faults you will surely be able to learn many things about poker.